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Valley of the Lys & Monts de Flandre

830 km

Valley of the Lys & Monts de Flandre
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Between Lys and Monts de Flandre, 830 km of bike paths offering wonder at every turn! Windmills and hills of Flanders, places of remembrance in Artois and nature on the banks of the Lys, all combine to offer an excursion of unparalleled authenticity. Savour all the tranquillity along the Lys where the riding is easy. Alternatively, opt for the hillier paths around one of the 7 highest points, also called the Monts de Flandre. Cassel, the highest, is 176 m above sea level! Network of 830 km

Valley of the Lys & Monts de Flandre

To discover

  • Cassel, a favourite village of the French, highest village in Flanders
  • Musée Départemental de Flandre in Cassel, a key collection of Flemish art
  • Maison de la Bataille at Noordpeene on the Battle of Peene in 1677
  • Mont des Cats abbey, a special site for spirituality
  • City of Bailleul
  • A good meal in a Flemish pub
  • Picturesque villages
  • Stay in the greenery at one of the Lys Ecolodges


List of establishments with the “Accueil Vélo” label on  www.lenordavelo.fr/accueil-velo


Map available for purchase at www.jadorelenord.fr/boutique

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